How Should a Bra Fit?

How Should a Bra Fit?

It is believed that the first bras date back to the time of Ancient Greece when women wrapped a band of linen or wool across their breasts. 

Modern bras have changed considerably since then and come with a host of benefits. These include improved posture, reduced back pain, improved shape of the breasts, improved health, and the fact that it makes it easier for women to be active.

If you are planning to purchase a bra, it is essential that it fits properly. In this blog post, we will ask "How should a bra fit?" and highlight some of the steps you should take when choosing a suitable bra.

These include considering the bra band, the bra underwire, the bra center gore, the cups, the straps, and the feeling of wearing the bra in general. Let's get started.

Bra Band

The first part of a bra you should consider when it comes to fit is the band. This is because the band provides the vast majority of the support for your chest.

A good quality bra band should be firm fitting yet comfortable, and be at the same level around the bust (without digging in or riding up).

When purchasing a new bra, you should be able to pull the band out from your side by two inches without it feeling loose. This is a useful test to determine whether or not the bra band is a good fit.

We recommend that you ensure that the bra fits well on the loosest fasting. This is because it allows you to tighten it over time as the band begins to stretch.

Bra Underwire

The underwire of a bra also plays an important role in how well it fits and the overall comfort level. With a properly fitting bra, the underwire should not have an impact on how comfortable it is.

A good quality underwire should sit flat on top of your rib cage. It should then run comfortably along to under your armpits and not sit on your breasts or the top of your breast tissue.

An underwire that sits on top of breast tissue means you aren't getting the proper support, which indicates that the bra does not fit as well as it should. Given that this can lead to sagging and soreness, it is something you should address immediately if it is an issue.

Bra Center Gore

The center gore refers to the space in a bra that sits between the breasts. Even though this may seem like a small and even insignificant part of a bra, the reality is that it plays an important role in how a bra fits.

Therefore, when buying a new bra, pay close attention to the center gore. Simply put, the center gore of a bra should lie flat against the chest without rubbing, digging in, or poking out.

If you notice that the center gore is rubbing against the skin or digging in, it's likely that the band size is not big enough. If you notice that the center gore is sitting loosely or poking out, it's likely that the band size is too large.

Bra Cups

When it comes to the bra cups, they should fully enclose the breasts without any over-spill or bulging. The cups should also lie flat. This means the cup should sit comfortably around the breast and not dig in.

The cups should also not feel loose on the top cup. If you do experience this, it means that the cup is too large.

If you notice that the top of the cup is creating a bulge or digging in, this means the cup does not fit you correctly and is probably too small.

Bra Straps

You might assume that the straps play a big role in the support offered by a bra. However, the reality is that only around 10% of total support comes from the straps.

That said, bra straps that don't fit properly will have an impact on comfort. Proper fitting bra straps should sit comfortably at the center of the shoulder. They should not feel like they are pulling or digging in, be loose fitting, or slip down.

The Feeling of Wearing a Bra

Last but not least, it's important to consider how the bra actually feels while you are wearing it, whether or not it helps or hinders your everyday activities, and whether it enhances your confidence.

Some questions to ask when considering a bra include:

  • Do your breasts feel properly supported at all times?
  • Does the bra make you feel and look amazing?
  • Is the bra comfortable to wear during different types of activity?

Simply put, you should be able to answer yes to each of these questions. If not, then it's likely that you haven't yet found the right bra for you.

Bottom Line: How Should a Bra Fit?

The bottom line is that many different factors go into finding a bra that fits you perfectly. As this guide to how should a bra fit, you should consider everything from the band, underwire, and center gore to the cups, straps, and overall feeling when shopping.

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